View Full Version : Closed $2800 A4000D in Mediator Case with Mediator PCI Slots, Deneb USB, Indivision MK 1, 060 Mk 3, zoram + more!

11th December 2015, 01:49
Here it is.

The A4000 a lot of people try to build... I have it.... for sale...

Mediator A4000D Case with ATX power adapter and ATX power supply. 350 watt 110 or 220 volt (set to 110 right now)
Mediator PCI/Zorro Busboard 5 PCI and 6 Zorro 3 slot with Video Slot (shared with one Z3)
Commodore Amiga 4000D motherboard with rev -11 buster with 18 megabytes of ram (2mb chip) KS 3.1 with A4000 KB **
Cyberstorm 060 Mark 3 with 128 mb of Ram and uwSCSI with cable and terminator.
Indivision A4000D Mk I (flicker fixer) with VGA connector on back of the case. Play those PAL games PERFECTLY. No flicker!
Deneb Zorro 3 USB 2.0 that BOOTS from USB devices. All updates in Flash ROM, KS shows 3.9 due to updates. Use USB KB and Mouse in WB and early start screen!
ZorRam 128 MB Z3 card (makes the system have a total of 274 mb of ram)
Voodoo 3 PCI graphics card. Runs workbench in 1280x1024 32 bit VERY FAST
Soundblaster 128 CT4750 PCI sound card *
Realtek 8029 10mb Ethernet PCI card *
Belkin NEC Chipset "reflashed" USB 2.0 PCI card
Liton IDE DVD/CD-Rom Reader/Writer
Wizard Developement Amiga/Atari Mouse (DB9) Model AD-T36
CD-Rom in of AmigaOS 3.9 with recovery disk.
Elbox Mediator Multimedia CD-Rom. You need this and the medaitor sn to register with Elbox to get future driver support
Original working Commodore 3.5" HD floppy Chinon FB-357A

Willing to ship worldwide BUT it might get expensive. I prefer a USA customer.

$2800 + shipping (you select speed and service) I can ship, DHL, Fedex, UPS and or USPS. Open to near price offers. Please PM.

I can accept PAYPAL, Visa, Mastercard, American Express. I have an existing company that allows credit card billing via Inuit. I can generate an invoice you can pay via Inuit's website.

If you are a serious buyer, Please let me know any questions you might have on the system.

I am not willing to separate at this point. I would like to find a buyer for the complete system.

For shipping, system will have to be taken apart to survive shipping I am sure and all parts packaged separately. You will have to assembled the parts into the case.

MERRY CHRISTMAS! This will make one heck of a present!

* software needs to be configured properly to work
** one 72 pin socket is damaged, memory works but is held in place with a support bracket. 3rd module from chipram)

11th December 2015, 02:44
Interested, and in the US (but on the east coast). I'll PM you some questions.

11th December 2015, 03:17
PM replied.

Battery has been removed. Caps are original but I will include the Cap kit from Amigakit (I bought it a few months ago). System works and turns on and does not present any problems currently.

Keyboard is a bit yellowed but has all the keys. Keyboard cord had slight damage and has been repaired. I will post pictures of the keyboard ASAP.

11th December 2015, 16:46
Thanks for the replies and quick response. But Im going to withdraw my interest. good luck!

11th December 2015, 19:03
Sorry, please ignore :)

31st March 2016, 23:32
This has been listed on Amazon so please close this thread.