View Full Version : Sold Aminet CD's and Amiga Format Cover CD's

23rd July 2010, 00:35
Ok more to clearout:D

All CD's come in their original Jewel cases and and original covers.

I'll post pickies when I find where my digital camera has gone:dry:.

Aminet 9 december 95 3 Sold
Aminet 30 April 99 3 Sold
Aminet 31 June 99 3 Sold
Aminet Set 2 5 Sold

All the Amiga format cd's below are 1 each

Amiga Format cd 4 Sold
Amiga Format cd 5 Sold
Amiga Format cd 6 Sold
Amiga Format cd 7 Sold
Amiga Format cd 9 Sold
Amiga Format cd 10 Sold
Amiga Format cd 40 Sold
Amiga Format cd 44 Sold

Plus the obligatory P&P

27th July 2010, 23:36
I'm interested in the Aminet discs. Would you do a combined deal for all the Aminet discs together?

27th July 2010, 23:42
yep no problem I can do a deal, if you can wait til the weekend I can post them with the games I'm sending you :D as well.

28th July 2010, 02:05

interested in the AF collection, how much for all the Amiga Format Disks and postage good sir?

28th July 2010, 10:13
@Zetr0, will get you a price for postage tonight.

Cheers, Alc:thumbsup:

16th September 2010, 01:00
Just to complete and tidy up this thread.

I received the Aminet CDs from Alcatan. And have now left him feedback.

@Zetr0. Did you purchase the AF CDs? And if so is that transaction completed? If so we can close and archive this thread.