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24th December 2015, 12:27
Hi all,

I need a repairing service for my Philips CM8833 CRT Monitor. It used to work fine until last week connected to my Amiga 500 and C64 through the SCART input port.
One day it stayed switched on while I was installing a Gotek drive into my Amiga 500. It made a quick flash and it went black. From that moment I could not see any image on the screen.
It remains black no matter what computer I connect it to, no sign of life and no buzz sound coming from it.

I'm in Lugano, Switzerland. I'd appreciate somebody in my area due to high shipping costs.

Thanks for watching this and for any advice.

26th January 2016, 12:14
by a flash you mean a flash of light from the rear? no led on?

probably power supply failure

26th January 2016, 15:41
Thanks roy_bates, I meant a flash on the screen, a quick white vertical light that appeared at the center and then went to the left of the screen. No sparks or other external lights on the rear. Can't remember if the led is on when I power it on. Must check.

I asked around here to TV repair stores, 2 of them told me they don't do it anymore, one asked about 110 EUR to only check and give me a quote... :(

26th January 2016, 15:44
Going to send the monitor to a retro-friend, I hope he can repair it and use it for himself. I'd be very happy if it would stay in his hands cause he's a great guy!

26th January 2016, 18:54
lopt failure then

26th January 2016, 20:41
"lopt" failure? sorry, what's a lopt?


26th January 2016, 21:53
Here you go
what's a lopt?


26th January 2016, 23:16
Ok thank you. In case of lopt or psu failure do you think it can be fixed or is it not worthwhile?

I will pass your suggestions to my friend.

27th January 2016, 10:18
lol,deffinitly fixable trust me,it could even be as simple as a power transistor if your lucky.

you had horizontal collapse.hense the virtical line.

27th January 2016, 10:28
Great, thanks.

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