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26th December 2015, 16:39
Cheers folks,

my A4000D cries for SCSI :D I tried to get a GVP HC+8 Series II here (http://www.amibay.com/showthread.php?78370-GVP-HC8-SCSI-Controller-GURU-Rom-8MB-Fast-Ram), but in the end lacked some funds / wifey agreement. Now after Christmas I finally have some funds again and decided trying to get a Fastlane Z3. So PLEEEEEAAAAAASEEE :D if you have one that you can part with, shoot me a PM!

I don't really care about the revision, but I'd like to have the latest ROMs, if possible - 8.5 if I did my research correctly. Also, I don't really care how much memory it has - 16 MB would be just fine and the more memory even better.

Thanks for looking :thumbsup:

9th January 2016, 10:28
Time for a BUMP :bounceBoingBall:

10th January 2016, 12:43

I don't need my one any longer. Bought it here:
Fastlane Z3 - SCSI Controller - 16mb - Zorro III - rev. 2.2

I don't know what ROM-revision it has, but it works. So please PM me, if You are interested.

10th January 2016, 20:52
Yay :D PM sent to dayowalker :thumbsup: (http://www.amibay.com/member.php?11173-dayowalker)

11th January 2016, 21:31
Deal agreed with dayowalker (http://www.amibay.com/member.php?11173-dayowalker) :D Just transferred the money via bank transfer (IBAN / BIC). Shipping details sent via PM :thumbsup:

13th January 2016, 18:36
Payment received today, thanks.
Shipping insured parcel, as agreed, early tomorrow morning, with tracking code in PM...

13th January 2016, 20:01
Awesome :D Really looking forward to trying this card in my A4000D :thumbsup:

15th January 2016, 15:48
Fastlane arrived safe and sound - packaging was really awesome :thumbsup: Will try to test the card as soon as possible - depends on when wifey and kids allow me to do so :D

16th January 2016, 19:53
The card is working great :thumbsup: Although I had a hard time getting an old IBM SCSI drive working with it. Will leave positive feedback for dayowalker (http://www.amibay.com/member.php?11173-dayowalker) in a moment.

EDIT: Positive feedback left.

16th January 2016, 20:29
Have a good time with Your card. Thanks for smooth transaction :)

Left positive feedback.