View Full Version : Wanted Multisync monitor

1st January 2016, 22:17
Looking for any CRT multi/trisync monitor that can do 15-24-31 khz and is in good working order.

1st January 2016, 22:33

I am absolutely satisfied with BENQ BL912 (http://www.benq.com/product/monitor/BL912/) and you can buy this new with warranty ;o)

1st January 2016, 23:18
I might get one of those aswell tbh, but im really looking for CRT atm. =)

3rd January 2016, 06:22
Benq912 is the way to go

Hungry Horace
3rd January 2016, 10:28
If you don't have any luck with someone who has something directly available corpsicle, let me know by PM.

I have a microvitec in the loft I would have to test , clean up, photograph etc. So it might take a while.

I have a feeling the base is broken but still included with it (but could be superglued no doubt) - also likely it has yellowed by now. The shipping might also be a bit costly!!

I am , however, kind of reluctant to get rid of it but could do with some decent funds for another project ATM!

3rd January 2016, 21:29
Hungry Horace : PM'd!