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2nd January 2016, 06:35
if anyone has any idea where I can biy one even if I have make the back for it<br />
Would like to know what case there are available to buy and a price if somewhat to sell me one got to be hi end stuff coz we are in the 25th century not in the 1980s but am will to swap something someone for a one all ready done fitzsteve if your looking mayb your know of a place expect amigakit they only got what for the amiga one and if I wanted to go pc or mac I would have bought one I may even sel you the 1200 when im finished making it not hard to make jist need a good case to use biu I here it has to be a type of case that can be used but I like to buy one if some want to make it for as long as the price not that of a mad man who thinks im on mars :D

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2nd January 2016, 06:39
Search for "back plate" on amibay hardware for sale. A chap makes and sells them plates for a regular sized tower. If I get on a computer later I'll try and find the link.

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2nd January 2016, 06:42
Actually here you go http://www.amibay.com/showthread.php?72490-Amiga-1200-Tower-Backplates-(Laser-cut)

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2nd January 2016, 11:35
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2nd January 2016, 15:53
That is a longest sentence I have read in a long time. It took me five times to read it and understand all terms :)