View Full Version : Request Mk 1 PAL Sega Saturn modchip in the uk

10th January 2016, 01:49

Is anyone able to mod my model 1 Sega Saturn with a switchless 50/60hz mod?

U.K. Service please, I'm not too keen sending the Saturn overseas due to the postage costs.



10th January 2016, 09:01
you can get get an action replay and flash it with pseudo saturn,then you dont need a modchip.
or look what saturn you have(pins flat cable cd drive) and buy rhea or phoebe.

10th January 2016, 11:36
Thank you for the reply, I was not aware of either rhea or the action replay flash. Rhea looks very interesting but a little expensive at the moment and it's a shame you have to remove the cd mechanism. I'm not too keen on flashing my action replay cart but that's an option I guess.

the v3 modchip looks to be the best option at the moment. I've ordered one - can anyone fit that as well as do a switchless 60hz mod?

12th January 2016, 18:32
apparently they are a piece of cake to fit. The chip I got only needed 2 solder points and I took it to a guy in Oldham who'd not done it before but it took him less than 15 mins just off the diagram that was supplied with it and it worked fine. I didn't do the 50-60 switch though.

12th January 2016, 18:55
Yeah I had a look at a few tutorials and it looks simple enough, I'm pretty sure I can fit it ok.

Still looking for a 50/60 switchless mod though, if anyone can help with that?

29th January 2016, 17:17
Modchip fitted and action replay cart acquired so I'm cd-r ready and can play games from any region, but I'm still looking for a switchless 50/60hz mod. Anyone?