View Full Version : Wanted media vision reno external potablecd player type cd rom drive PSU

12th January 2016, 18:40
Hi all

I'm after a replacement power supply for my media vision reno cd rom drive.

its the strange coloured grey portable cd player style unit that was often packaged with a squirrel scsi interface for the a1200.

I've managed to loose it in the house move.

its a coaxial barrel type plug adaptor but an unusual size - mapplins couldn't match it. oh and its 13.5v

long shot otherwise ill open it up and hardwire a universal but id rather not have to.

thanks for looking!


12th January 2016, 18:56
Hi i did have the drive but sold it to roy_bates he might be able to help you source a replacement

Give him a pm

It can be battery powered too

13th January 2016, 19:00
pm sent - thanks for the advice

13th January 2016, 20:06
youll need something like this


obviously i cant sell mine i need it for the drive

18th January 2016, 18:23
thanks for the reply - it was only if you had a spare from a non working one:thumbsup:. i have looked usual places but it seems an unusual plug. even maplns couldn't match it. hardwiring direct seems the only way.

unless about else has a spare?

18th January 2016, 18:45
Hi Roy

What size is the plug for the psu.

30th September 2016, 13:35
just like to bump this thread as i am also looking for a replacement 13.5v DC adapter to get my reno working, is there any adapter now available to purchase in the UK?