View Full Version : Found A1010 or other external 3.5" drive, does not need to work

15th January 2016, 07:56

I'm looking for, preferably, an A1010 to use as a box for a Kryoflux setup. The drive does not need to work, and actually just the case itself would be enough.

I can also consider an old IBM or any other external 3.5" drive/case, though it can't be a slimline model, has to be a nice big roomy one :)

Please leave a message if you have anything inexpensive that might fit the bill!


22nd January 2016, 15:36
PM sent

24th January 2016, 17:16
Deal agreed on with Tahoe regarding a non-functional (or at least poorly functional) A1010 drive, payment has been sent.

25th January 2016, 12:40
Payment received, shipping today!

5th February 2016, 07:12
Received the A1010 yesterday. Looks like it had a rough time during the shipping (at least I assume it wasn't cracked like this to begin with), but luckily in this particular instance the damage does not matter, since the drive will be replaced anyway.