View Full Version : Sold Atari 2600 cart - IMAGIC FIRE FIGHTER

17th January 2016, 15:41
Up for grabs - Atari 2600 cart - IMAGIC FIRE FIGHTER.

AtariAge says:
After programming Breakout (http://www.atariage.com/software_page.html?SoftwareLabelID=53) and Asteroids (http://www.atariage.com/software_page.html?SoftwareLabelID=1007) for Atari, Brad Stewart created Fire Fighter for Imagic. Fire Fighter places you in the role of a fireman attempting to save a panicked man from a burning warehouse. Your goal is simply to achieve the rescue in the minimum amount of time. Games tend to be very short, although variation 9 allows the player to rescue 8 victims in a row from increasingly taller buildings. Like most Imagic games, Fire Fighter has good graphics...

Completely untested as I don't have a 2600 system but came from a large batch of Atari 8bit games/tapes, and they work so every reason to believe that this will too.
In good condition - unboxed - label/cart all undamaged.
2-50 and it's yours (UK P&P 1)
Payment via Paypal gift please.


17th January 2016, 15:54
I'll take it m8.

17th January 2016, 21:20
Cheers, buddy.
Payment received and cart packed and ready to go in next 24hrs.
All the best - please let me know when you get it.