View Full Version : Wanted Speedlink Competition Pro USB for use with Amiga WinUAE

17th January 2016, 15:08
Hi guys.

I am currently playing lots of games on my Amiga 600 and love it. I use a ZipStik - my favourite joystick of all time - but want to be able to use this on my laptop when I use WinUAE instead.

I see there are adapters available to allow me to plug a 9pin Amiga joytick into USB, but they seem expensive, hard to get hold of, and I have had bad experiences with adapters in the past.

I did a bit of googling and discovered a neat looking usb joystick by Speedlink.. the Competition Pro.. It comes with some C64 games on it or something, but that part doesn't interest me.. what makes me want one is that is has micro switches much like the original Comp Pro (which I had with my C64).

Problem is I cannot find one anywhere.. the Amigakit website uselessly lists it as 'in stock' but has no button to buy it (i checked other 'in stock items' and they all have a buy button on the top right of the page.

I cannot find one anywhere, so was wondering if anyone had one that they don't use that they would be willing to sell to me. I also have some cool Amiga games I could trade for it.. the Delphine Collection and The Lotus Trilogy.. both boxed, complete and fully tested!

Please PM me

many thanks :)