View Full Version : Wanted Amiga CD32, working.

21st January 2016, 10:47
Hi all

I'm after a working CD32 with PSU if anyone is thinking of selling. Doesn't need to be mint or boxed, just a workhorse, and I don't need a controller really, but another wouldn't hurt.

Thanks guys.

5th February 2016, 11:57
Bump! Still looking!

10th February 2016, 21:54
I have a spare, although no spare PSU, 70 inc postage.


Works well, CD drive has been thoroughly cleaned, reads originals and CDR without any problems, although your mileage may vary depending on the blanks/writer used.

Motherboard was fully recapped Oct 2015.

Only issue is with a screw that secures the left side, original was no longer catching so I've secured with one slightly bigger. No top shield or expansion port cover.

16th February 2016, 13:24
Hi mate, thanks for that. I must say to everyone that I posted my wanted thread in a rush here at work :) so I should mention it's for a friend here at work as she has misplaced hers (she rents a unit to store her 80s stuff :)) so it's not actually for me.

I have replied tho Will, cheers.

19th February 2016, 12:21
Thanks to Will for the offer, but she needs a full bunde now. Can mods close this thread, cheers.