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23rd January 2016, 15:06
Hello my fellow AmiBay'ers

Wow its been a while since I visited these fine fair boards, after I catchup with the (quite a) few PM's I am looking to be posting some really exciting stuff - but in the mean time, I am returning this delightful A1200 back unto the wild.

So what's up for grabs today?

Commodore A1200 1D4
Apollo 030 @ 40 MHz
2x32MB 60ns FPM SIMM'S (64MB FAST RAM) (Upgraded to include an additional 72pin SIMM)
60GB 2.5" Hard Disk Drive ( Full Capacity SFS Formatted )
CWOS3.9 BB1&2
Custom 3.1 ROM
PCMCIA Wireless Network Card
PCMCIA CF Adapter + 2GB Trancsend 133x CF
RGB / Audio SCART CABLE (component not composite!)
Cruiser Micro Switch Joystick
Power supply


She's quite pretty, Keyboard is slightly yellowed in places, but the the case is in amazing condition!

All for a wallet busting 250 + postage

System Information / History -

So I was with my friend Yorkie4 and we were finally building his 030 based A1200, in the midst of all this fun we discovered another 030 in my bin of broken Amigery bits - and as you can imagine it wouldn't run - after some testing and fault finding on the card, I discovered it was a trace that had been scratched through and cut -

So after laying down some thin 30AWG to replace the damaged track I then tested 2 other areas - after testing and it working (\o/\O/!!!Hurray!!!)

100421 100422

Now this might look wet, but its actually hard resin coat to protect it from any further damage =)

After testing the card with several hours of Demo / Frontier abuse I felt it was time to take the opportunity to upgrade the card to have additional memory, since I have some delicious 60ns FPM 32MB SIMMS and spare 72Pin Sockets - lets have some fun -


*Please note if you want to do something like this to your Apollo Mk3 - ensure you remove the Oscillator and the chips from the PCB where you can - last thing you want to do is damage them due to heat from the soldering iron.

So after about 10 minutes and a few moments inspecting and cleaning - this got bumped back into the A1200 -

64 Megabytes of delicious 60ns FPM FAST RAM!! -

The Gods of Retro AWESOME decided to bless this build - so lets test their resolve with some serious testing!!!!

Firstly (as well all know and love) SysInfo

CPU0 - 100426 - Not bad 8 MIPS!
FDH0 - 100427 - 1.6MB per second! (not bad for an 030!)
FDH1 - 100428 - 2.3MB per second! (Yeah, not buying that ;))

Secondly (a little more puritanical ) SysSpeed

CPU - 100429 - 13 MIPS eh, so how many Drystones is that?

DSK - 100430 - 2.3 Raw read of 2.3MB per second - impressive!

So I had a lot of fun building this little monster. so much so it showed me how much I miss the Amiga and this wonderful community here!

Included in this build is a PCMCIA -> Compact Flash adapter and 2GB Transcend Compact Flash card for transferring files - I have also included an Amiga compatible wireless PCMCIA network card for fun-fits and giggles =)

More pictures are available as well as install options - thanks for reading

Please note that this item is now available for sale elsewhere.

29th January 2016, 08:14
This little monster has now sold externally.

Thanks to all those that had a look and the mod that closes the thread!