View Full Version : Closed Scala with dutch documentation

27th July 2010, 14:10
In very good condition.

Contains: disk, documentation and box.

No dongle (cause no dongle needed)

Asking 8€ + shipping.

Payment via Bank transfer in Europe or PayPal, in both cases buyer pays all bank or PayPal fees.

27th July 2010, 14:20
Just for reference, is this a version which doesn't need the dongle or has it just been eaten by the sands of time?

27th July 2010, 15:13
Apparently, this version (Scala 500 v1.0) doesn't effectively need any dongle (:thumbsup:).
I've installed it on my A1200 and it works perfectly, even if I'm not familiar with dutch langage (;)). I succeeded in creating a script with different effects and the provided pictures.

I have 2 sets of this version.

27th July 2010, 16:16
Ok, thanks for clearing that up. It'll assure potential buyers as there is now no room for misunderstandings.

Good luck with the sale :thumbsup:

31st July 2010, 23:41
I guess it's Home video title software.
A Add-on pack for The Main Scala software i think.
Not the Scala program which really need a dongle and most of the time i saw was with more than 3 diskettes (9 disks or cd)

31st July 2010, 23:46
I had a CD version which didn't need the dongle.

Dave G :cool:

1st August 2010, 15:23
Yes, for me too, it's just a home video title software, but I don't really know the main Scala Software (MM200...). In my version, you can use a genlock, add pictures, text on pictures and modify the sequence between each picture (like with Powerpoint).