View Full Version : Closed Need help / hand on a Germany address pickup

11th February 2016, 12:43
I need help about getting a Commodore monitor :) from a Berlin Köpenick address......
The payment will be cash on collection, and I can transfer the total via paypal.....
The seller can pack the box ( he also accepted to ship it to Turkey but requested the money via IBAN ) but inorder to check the working status, maybe I need help on packaging it and shipping it to Turkey also,
The seller seems to be very nice, he has %100 feedback over 2302 sales at the other bay....


11th February 2016, 13:19
I saw this one maybe. New old stock? The issue here is, as you will see from the other forum posts that such a heavy and fragile device even packed really well can end up on your doorstep broken.

Monitor received. RIP 1084. Housing cracked, tube broken courtesy of PostNL / Fastway Couriers.

11th February 2016, 14:49
Yeah, that can be the case :(
But the previous time that I had received a monitor from Germany, I had received it safe suprisingly.....

I still want to try my luck :)

13th February 2016, 19:34
Will mods please close this thread ?
problem solved in a different way, I will open up a new thread :)