View Full Version : Filled Need help on transferring to a German IBAN ( PSD BANK )

13th February 2016, 19:41
I made a deal with a German seller for a Commodore monitor. He does not accept paypal, he only offers bank transfer to the PSD BANK IBAN.

From here, it really takes a little bit more time and needs paperwork. Opening an EURO account, making Swift.....

So I need someone from Germany, having an account at PSD BANK if possible, to help me on transferring the seller's IBAN. What I am thinking is, I can transfer the total via paypal to a friend, and he can transfer to that IBAN. It will be easy and fast.

I am not for sure but inorder to transfer the total at weekend, do we need an account at PSD BANK ? It is not a must, we can transfer on monday also :)


14th February 2016, 13:15
How much is the amount in question ?

update. I know the amount ;) you can't mention here or your post will be censored. I PMed you

14th February 2016, 20:05
Transaction completed. Leaving feedback

15th February 2016, 08:27
Transaction perfect. Feedback left :)

Will mods please close this thread ?