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18th February 2016, 13:12
Hi out there!

Once upon a time... in the late 80s my Dad ordered empty Apple ][ PCBs from the US and started to build a working computer.
33 years later we want to redo this and so I'm searching for 2+ Apple ][ PCBs.

Anyone out there who has some or knows, if and where to get them?


Regards Marc

18th February 2016, 18:21
not seen any new ones ... but I have just bought 2 x apple II for spares to repair my own as I am getting question marks on screen

forums say bad IC contact in sockets, so potentially, once I raid these boards of what I need, then they would be available

having re seated all of my chips, I am convinced i have bad ram chips



I paid 88 for the pair as seller couldn't be bothered to remove and re list as the correct items and are on the way to me

don't know if that would be of interest and presume you are buying brand new chips to go in ?

if so.... where do I get them from :)

19th February 2016, 10:16
To be honest: I wasn't thinking that far... :)

I just wanted to shout out, if there are any boards to buy. My father (70+) said, that it's easy to get the chips. Well, I would hand this job over to him :cool:.

Just send me a PM whenever you're done with the boards. But keep in mind, that AmiBay is not my main forum, so my check frequency is not that high!

Thanks! Marc