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29th July 2010, 23:24
Have a complete Atari Falcon setup I don't use that much.
Will swap this for an Amiga 1200 turbo card Blizzard 1260 (memory is not required)).

- Atari Falcon
- 14 MB ST memory
- CT60 (68060)
- 128 MB SDRAM
- external scsi cd rom
- internal HD 20 GB
- In original housing with uATX

So if your interested in one of the fastest Atari machines around.

30th July 2010, 00:51
Is your proposal to swap 1:1 without any extra money from another side?
Do you have some pictures of this nice set?
I might be interested. :)

30th July 2010, 10:26
Yes I want to swap it without extra money.
The mainboard has been checked 1,5 years ago by Rodolphe Czuba in France (hardware expert Atari)
Hereby some pictures (Atari is running MINT-XAAE-Jinnee).

30th July 2010, 10:35
Ok, please give me 3-4days to check if I can get Blizzard 1260 for you.
If I will not managed to provide you Blizzard 1260 within this time I will pass and second person that will declare interest can take it.

Jon Hare
30th July 2010, 10:44
Second in line as I have a Blizz 1260...PM sent

30th July 2010, 11:33
No Problem.
Also got somebody else interested in the set-up.
He is also trying to get a Blizzard 1260 for me.
Please send a PM or reply on this post before you buy anything.
It would be very annoying if two people buy a b1260 for me.:Doh:

---------- Post added at 10:33 ---------- Previous post was at 09:47 ----------

The above message is meant for Stachu.

So please contact me before you buy something. And don't buy something ridiculous expensive from ebay.

There is also somebody in the Netherlands interested. He was a little bit earlier.

So I have the following intereseted people:

Mister X --> Stachu --> Jon Hare

The swap is meant to keep to cost low.

30th July 2010, 12:26
I have Blizzard 1260 060@80MHz:
Pictures of the card:

060 CPU was replaced from original XC version to latest mask 71E41J overclocked to 80MHz. Oscillator is socketed, so if you don't like overclocking you can swap oscillator to 50MHz and downgrade card to 060@50MHz and you can switch-off fan.

How about that? Is it interesting for you? :)

Jon Hare
30th July 2010, 12:35
There is also somebody in the Netherlands interested. He was a little bit earlier.

So I have the following intereseted people:

Mister X --> Stachu --> Jon Hare

Just for information...if this Mister X get in touch with you here on Amibay he obviously didn't replied in the thread but PM'ed you. And that's against the rules I'm afraid...

30th July 2010, 13:05
Hi Jon,

No that was via another forum.

Hi Stachu,

Looks very interesting
Does that fit in a standard A1200 housing?
Will reply on your offer tonight via PM.

30th July 2010, 13:15
Hi Oldskool1,

Yes, it will fit into desktop thanks to special cooling system. I've built 3 of such cards and all of them are working fine @80MHz.

30th July 2010, 15:37
Unfortunately I must pass... :(

Jon Hare, you're next.
Good luck!

30th July 2010, 17:18
Hi Stachu,

No problem.

Will check with the other interested people.

30th July 2010, 21:43
Wow great stuff from my dream, but I don't have 1260 but if you interested swap for Amiga 4000D?

31st July 2010, 08:12
Yeah it is a great machine especially when you use it for more serious applications (Music, Midi, DSP etc.).
Also the MINT OS in it's current form is very stable and is compiled for 040/060 (In some ways I like this much better then workbench).
Also great standard vga output capabilities.
I have traded with somebody who will us it for music. I'm sure he will enjoy this machine.

Can be closed.

31st July 2010, 13:15
Thread closed as requested.