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27th February 2016, 17:41
I've been wallowing in nostalgia going through my computer collection and discovering things like my original contract with Micronet 800 for my Spectrum MicroLink's subscription to their (Prestel-like) service from the mid-80s! And discovering (still legible) Spectrum printer print-outs from those pages, too! Ah! Memories!

Anyway, the point of it all, apart from reminding me as to how adept I was at writing code, was to part with some very old friends.

First of all is a fully-working Sinclair QL System.

It comprises a JS ROM QL, Sandy SuperQBoard (probably 256K, but it may be 512K, but I can't remember what to POKE to find out!) complete with Centronics (parallel) printer cable, 2 x 720K floppy disk drives (I even came across the invoice for one of them - how did I afford it all? :roll:) and an original Sinclair QL Vision monitor by Taxan.

QL, monitor and SuperQBoard are all in their original boxes with appropriate manuals.

Also to be found in the boxes will be an Aerial power distribution block to run it all from a single plug as well as a MicroAnvika keyboard cover for the QL and various serial cables and a joystick adapter, too. There is even a QL to SCART lead.


I would prefer this to all go to a single, good home but, if there is no interest for the complete system, I shall entertain interest on various components, in time.

I would seek 300 for the system (PayPal - gift, as seems to be the way, here) but would suggest that it needs to be collected, rather than couriered especially since the monitor weighs in over 13Kg! It must have a cast-iron frame! However, if needs be a lucky purchaser and I can discuss shipping!


27th February 2016, 17:46
EDIT: was interested (now withdrawn) for a friend but who's immediately told me he's just got a tatty one off the other 'bay. Sorry for the distraction - this looks simply ACE, good luck with your sale.

18th February 2017, 23:28
Declaring interest. Sending PM (just in case this is still for sale???)