View Full Version : Question about the Delfina sound card

14th September 2008, 19:51
While trolling around on AmigaKit I saw this Delfina sound card. I haven't done a lot with my 1200 yet, but what would be the benefit of this in a system that will mostly play games or fart around with some sound/multimedia playing? Do all apps take advantage of the card through the driver?


14th September 2008, 19:55
Please make sure that you post in the correct forum - you aren't offering the item for sale, are you?

14th September 2008, 20:03
True, no, I'm not. Thanks for the move..

18th November 2008, 02:51
Answering the original question...

Delfina sound cards are AHI based, so the card is only compatible with AHI supporting software. This means that all software written to support the AHI standard will work with the Delfina sound card. However, it also means that all software without AHI support will not.

Hope that helps.