View Full Version : Closed Anyone who got MicroSoft Disk Operateing System 6.22 and windows 3.1 floppy disk's for sale?

30th March 2016, 16:29
Im looking for them sold toghetor as a bunch, if you got the needed floppy disk's send me a PM.

30th March 2016, 17:43
I have Dos 6.2 (3disks) and Windows for Workgroups 3.11 (11disks)

I also have Windows95 on floppy.

30th March 2016, 18:14
i just need the dos 6.22 and windows for workgroup's disks.
how much do you want for them? and is shipping possible?

30th March 2016, 21:06
Have found what i needed, thread is not in need anymore.