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5th April 2016, 10:52
I cant believe I'm offering this for sale....but I'm moving to a place 1/3 the size of my current place. Lots of things just have to go :(

So...regretfully offering....

X500 custom case by Loriano - DVD ROM and card reader included (mounted in the case)
Amiga Micro A1 - 800Mhz / 512Mb RAM
Internal USB hub for Keyboard / DVDROm / Card reader
Amiga OS 4.1 AND OS4.1 Final
Simon the Sorcerer II for OS4

Case is in as new condition you can get, very slight scratch on top surface, other than that a magnificent case :)

The Micro A1 I've almost not used since I've had it, acquired from FitzSteve. When it is running it seems nice and stable, but as with any old computer there are niggling issues. I think a widely reported thing with USB is to disable the rear sockets for better stability, and indeed in the limited amount I have used this system it has helped. I've never had any success with the 2.5" drive connector or any 2.5" drives. Maybe a power issue? 3.5" drives seem to be fine, and I'm including the test 80Gb one I had OS4.1 running with in the sale. The final issue is with the machine turning on and off....the soft power connector is totally unreliable...sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't.

You will need to get a proper PicoPSU. I bought a cheap Chinese one and the system wasn't stable, but Ill include it all the same. To test it I've been using a standard PC power supply (as you can see from the photo - but of course it wont fit in the case LOL)

Postage anywhere in the world other than Australia wont be cheap. An example of tracked airmail to UK for example is about AUD$162, insurance to $1000 is AUD$32.10. Most of Europe will be similar.

So....asking AUD$1000 (approx. 670 Euro or 536GPB) plus Paypal fees and postage

104339 104340
104342 104349
104347 104346
104345 104344
104343 104348

5th April 2016, 11:06
Sad times Ash Sad times,

Dont move!!!!!

5th April 2016, 12:22
Sad times Ash Sad times,

Dont move!!!!!

LOL...I agree....but I'm such a hoarder...there's so much stuff I've bought and haven't even used! I bought a Mac G4 for Morph OS 6 months ago...turned it on once...so out it goes. Oh well such is life

5th April 2016, 13:01
Interested pending questions. Sending PM

6th April 2016, 03:49
Interested pending questions. Sending PM

Questions answered....

Postage to USA is actually a fraction cheaper than Europe it seems. For Express post with tracking and $1000 insurance is $158 AUD (which is only $7 more than registered / insured airmail...which has not tracking)

This is not the chiklet keyboard. It is a Cherry mechanical keyboard - with the nice sharp clicky sound. This case was a limited edition of 5 that Loriano did (X500 Evo).

The video card is onboard, I think 32Mb. As far as I know, and after hours of googling...I dont think anyone has successfully installed a PCI video card. As far as I know the driver therefore is within AmigaOS, not the extra one you buy.

The parts in the clear case are the pink coloured replacement keys for A S D W, white Amiga key (solid and outlined), and the boing ball key - and I think a key removal tool. There is also the original tall heatsink (no fan) which wont fit in the case. Lastly, it has some little rings to quieten the keyboard (they go underneath each key)

Inside, the silver box is the USB hub. So you can connect the keyboard (its USB), DVD and card reader internally - as there are only 2 internal USB headers. The DVD and card reader works fine.

The fans are not connected. TBH, there isn't enough heat generated by the system to really need them. But if you wanted to, best to get one of those fan power "hubs" to connect all the fans up if you wanted to. The fans are all new from Loriano, but I've never tested them!

Also including in the sale the games bundle for OS4 (bought from AmigaKit). I does say you need 64Mb video card, I'm sure I tested a couple of games and they worked fine....but maybe some of them do need the 64Mb.

8th April 2016, 17:17
Payment sent

16th April 2016, 00:17
This has been collected by my neighbor. I'm still at the hospital with my wife. When we get back home I'll be able to check this out. I'll write here as soon as I can.

16th May 2016, 03:14
Sorry it's taken so long to get to this - hospital sucks. This arrived in great shape and works well. Leaving positive feedback. Thanks!