View Full Version : Closed STfm Motherboard

9th April 2016, 09:35
I'm looking for a C070789 series motherboard in working order to replace a damaged one in a Atari STfm computer.

9th April 2016, 11:55
I have a working 520 STFM motherboard with 512K ram and (I think) TOS 1.04

not sure if it's the same revision as yours but they all fit in the same case anyway

it's a good one as It has vacant holes for adding another 512k ram to make it 1040

MMU / GLUE and TOS are all in sockets

12 plus shipping

PM me

9th April 2016, 13:21
Thank you ST-Freakz, but i got a replacement elsewhere quite soon after my post.
Your offer is nice and sure to have all these chips socketed makes a huge advantage.

I'm going to PM you for some other stuff.

THis thread can be closed now.
Thank you!