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4th August 2010, 02:24
** This sold**
For sale is a like new in the original box Atari 65XE Computer that has been UPGRADED with the S-Video upgrade. If you are not familiar with this upgrade, it is a special upgrade inside the 65XE that adds a S-Video Port that will then connect this Atari 65XE to a S-Video Port on modern TVs. What does this give you? Super crisp video and better audio. Instead of using the old RF jack for so-so video, this update removes the old RF and instead added a S-Video port. You run a S-Video cable from the new port on the rear of the 65XE to the TV and then use the old RF port on the computer to the audio in on the TV. The RF port is now a crisp and louder rca jack to send better audio to your TV. In a nutshell, awesome upgrade for real usability of an retro computer like the Atari. This update was professionally done and looks OEM. Come take a test drive if you are local and I can show it to you on my 30" LCD TV. $125 + shipping. You get the Atari 65XE in original box with owners manual, power supply, and although you will not use it any longer, the RF cable to TV unit. Email me if you have any questions.

Here is a video I just added to YouTube that shows this Atari 65XE in action.

24th May 2011, 05:49

How much is shipping to Canada by the least
expensive way? I'm a student!



23rd May 2012, 00:54
Please close this thread. tj

23rd May 2012, 00:57
Did it sell here??