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18th September 2008, 03:55
Ok i am very very sad to even be considering to let this miggy go, but alas i need some new fishing gear, and with finances being tight, its one or the other, least i have another good few miggys :mrgreen: but none like this labour of love.

Ok what i have here is a UK made (made in Irvine Scotland) A1200, Custom Pearlecent paint job on the case (the paint alone cost about 40 quid and 3 weeks to apply properly, prober cleaning of plastics, primer, dry, basecoats of ice white, dry for a week and then final topcoats of mother of pearl laquer) the mouse and psu recieved the same treatment. she has a brand new amigakit supplied pristine white uk keyboard, this was another 20 quid or so. all motherboard was thouroughly cleaned with pcb cleaner, shielding was polished, and all in place. floppy drive had head cleaned and a good blow out with the aircan.

She comes fitted with a Phase 5 Blizzard 1230IV @50Mhz with FPU@50Mhz, single sided 16mb 60ns EDO. and a 6.3gb 2.5" HDD, this has been partitioned to just under 4gb (for the 4gb limit),
3.0 roms, and a set of 3.0 Workbench disks and manuals. the hard drive has classic wb pre-installed with most of the killergorrila whdload games (except the football/sports ones, i am not a big footy fan) a range of applications like dpaint V, Devpac, StormC 3, Wordsworth etc for more serious stuff.

Also with her is a 8X External SCSI Caddy loaded CD rom drive, this works flaulesly with the also supplied Squirrel PCMCIA SCSI Adapter with box and software/manuals in grade A condition. and an Amitek Sony External FDD and Cheetah joystick. with Epson LX300 with Ribbon and a sealed boxed spare (if required, this adds a lot of weight to postage)

the only thing that would improve this classic miggy is a flixerfixer (not really needed just for games) she comes with commodore monitor lead, and the usual RF, Speaker leads.

Boxed Miggy

Miggy CD/FDD and Squirrel

Blizzard IV, HDD and Mainboard before fitting

Miggy up and running

Printer (if Required, with leads)

I am looking for around 300 ono (pm me a bid, but please dont insult me, serious hard work has gone into this, and to get another like this with this spec you would need to spend probably around 300 - 350 to get the parts)for the complete set up, i am not at all keen to split, i would preffer the sytem going to a loving home, i spent a long time restoring this miggy, she is in no way the run of the mill tango orange coloured usual fleabay heap, and has given me many years of pleasurable use since i bought her new in '92 (if memory serves well).

if i dont get close to what im looking for i will keep her and invest in the only add on i think she could use, a indivision flicker fixer.

I wish all my fellow amibayers the best of luck, I hope she goes to a good home, and because of the weight it is preferable the buyer is based in the UK, it weight nearly 30kg in total! so postage will be at least 20 - 25 quid.

18th September 2008, 23:40
ok maybe ive been a little steep as in regards pricing, im willing to come down, so pm me your offers, all money to be done via paypal. but please dont be offering the likes of 150, Blizz 1230s are making 100 - 120 alone these days. Squirrels around 40 or 50, so please be sensible before making an offer. this is a good to go ready made whdload/classic amiga rig, just unpack, connect up and away you go. retro gaming at its best

19th September 2008, 12:50
I've sent you a PM :)

19th September 2008, 16:20
i am NOT willing to split... and no ammount of co-ersion will induce me to split. it either goes as a system, or it dont go at all.

21st September 2008, 16:22
ok ive been made an offer, which is a bit less than i wanted, theres a deal to be done a couple of weeks from now, if i dont get a better offer first. so if anyone is still interested, give me a shout or she is gone.

8th October 2008, 01:04
please close this thread, accelerator has been sold, will place squirrel for sale soon in seperate sale.

Kin Hell
8th October 2008, 10:46
Thanks Cerberus73. Thread Closed! :D