View Full Version : Sold SCRAM 500 - SCSI + 8mb for A500 - extremely rare

18th April 2016, 03:25
I've got a SCRAM 500 here to sell. This was a kit designed / released via public domain and aminet all those years ago. I have never seen another one of these anywhere. I've tested the RAM side of things but never had a need to try the SCSI side. This is a professionally built and looking unit.

Photos on request to your email.

Asking $200aus firm. Australian postage $20. Overseas $40. Bank transfer if in Australia. Paypal gift (or plus 4% to cover fees if using normal payment).

Please only declare interest and so on if you are genuinely interested. I don't want to stuff around selling this.

18th April 2016, 05:33
Interested. Does it come with the case or just the circuit boards?

18th April 2016, 06:07
It's a complete professional unit with case, boards etc just like a commercial product.

23rd April 2016, 03:27
Item paid for and agreed to hold delivery until.instructed.

2nd May 2016, 07:45
Item now sent as requested and tracking details forwarded :)

2nd May 2016, 11:32
What gives with the "Photos on request to your e-mail"? Why don't you just attach them to the first post?

4th May 2016, 14:08
He's working from a phone currently and has no access to the Internet via a computer. As I understand it...