View Full Version : Closed 14/15" CRT MultiSync Monitor

25th April 2016, 19:11
Wanted: CRT Multisync Monitor compatible with Amiga interlace screenmodes
No bigger than 15"

Along the lines of Amiga 1438 or similar.

Must be in good physical condition and fully working.

Sensible cash waiting or would consider trade/part-ex with Philips CM 8833 Mk II - Broken power button / no sound / otherwise OK.

Kind regards,

25th April 2016, 23:20
PM Sent.

7th May 2016, 15:18
Got a 1084 and philips cm8524 for sale in good working condition . if interested i can send pictures

Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-G900F met Tapatalk

11th July 2016, 15:23
Still on the hunt for one if anyone has anything available

MUST be MultiSync (the 1084 is not)

Kind regards,

18th July 2016, 11:48
please delete

18th July 2016, 12:03

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19th July 2016, 15:37
OK sorry.

24th July 2016, 23:41
No longer required.