View Full Version : Sold Spectrum Game - Ultimate Play The Game Collected Works

15th May 2016, 07:33
I have a copy of the Spectrum compilation, Ultimate Play The Game Collected Works. Sadly all that is included is the hint sheet in the envelope and the History sheet, so no map or instructions.

The box is in a reasonable condition but does have a few imperfections as can be seen in the pictures in the link below.

Asking 35 (was 40), this will include free postage to a UK address. Please ask for other country's.

8th June 2016, 10:29
Price drop to 35

11th June 2016, 01:06
Hi Manic, if you've still got this for sale - I'll take it please. PM me your Paypal Address and I'll sort payment. Cheers, John

11th June 2016, 16:11
Paid :)

11th June 2016, 16:32
And received, many thanks. Sending on Monday :)