View Full Version : Sold Phase 5 Blizzard MKIV 1230 @ 55.5 MHz, 68882 and 64MB 60ns RAM

17th May 2016, 04:56
I'm selling my beloved Blizzard 1230 MKIV. A 64MB 60ns module sits in the memory slot, the 50 MHz crystal has been neatly and carefully changed to a 55.5 MHz ditto making it quite a bit faster than the stock card.

€200 (includes shipping) via Paypal as a gift (or add 4%). Only selling within EU.

Does not come with original box. The spots on the corners of the CPU are just glue remnants from a heat sink that was never needed and should be easy to remove with Rubbing alcohol/Isopropyl alcohol. Quality of card, CPU, FPU, Battery and RAM are all A+.

106395106900 106938

Any questions? Just ask.


17th May 2016, 14:25
interested, thx

30th May 2016, 19:47

Still for sale.

30th May 2016, 20:38
interested pending questions...PM SENT

- - - Updated - - -

interest withdrawn

31st May 2016, 17:04
* price change - 200/150 *

31st May 2016, 20:47
Declaring interest

1st June 2016, 08:47
Declaring interest if it's not already sold.

1st June 2016, 11:01
TheClaw has paid and the card will ship asap.

Thanks for taking care of the card for me.