View Full Version : For Sale AmigaOne X1000

5th June 2016, 05:49
AmigaOne X1000 for sale, It has 2GB of ram, 1TB Hard drive, Radeon 6670 gfx card and the radion 2 drivers (A 30 upgrade to the stock drivers). Comes with AmigaOS 4.1 and 4.1Final discs and all the first contact paperwork.

This is a fantastic machine and is in perfect working order. I bought it with the intention of coding on it but I simply don't have the time any more and it is just sitting unused which is a great shame. I'm hoping somebody enthusiastic will get more use from it.

This machine has had hardly any use at all and is like new, It has basically sat on a shelf for the year that I have owned it.

The base unit is 17kg in weight so this would be best collected though I can arrange delivery I can't imagine it would be very cheap due to the size and weight. But if the buyer is happy to pay for delivery I am happy to oblige.

Looking for around 1800.00 or nearest offer please.

EDIT: If you are not actually interested in buying this or can't afford it please don't reply here. I only want to hear from an actual serious buyer.

5th June 2016, 15:47
please no price discussions , let's keep the sale thread clean :)