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9th June 2016, 22:19
I'm selling the following Atari ST Boxed Titles:

Bobo 4€
Eliminator 4€
Tin Tin on The Moon (back box of Pipemania) 4€
Bignose The Caveman 4€
Powerdrift 4€
Moonshine Racers 4€
Populous 4€
Lombard Rac Rally 4€
Batman The Movie (no manual) 4€
Moonwalker (no manual) 4€
Terminator 2 4€
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 4€
Sleeping Gods Lie (no manual) 4€

Price for the Whole lot 39€ , please ask for shipping charges to your country. Payment by paypal (gift or regular + fees) or wire transfer.

http://s5.postimg.org/m3ibpwnf7/WP_20160609_22_24_28_Pro.jpg (http://postimg.org/image/m3ibpwnf7/)

10th June 2016, 08:23
prices reduced to 4 per title

10th June 2016, 14:44
Interested but first i would like to ask about shipping cost to Greece for all the games.

10th June 2016, 16:27
shipment to greece for the Whole lot registered signed for is 23.38€ , it's also the cheapest rate available. Please consider they are 13 games, and I will add empty The Untouchables Atari ST box for free. please lmk, thanks

11th June 2016, 08:42
For not signed for without tracking is 13€ and for registered not signed for is 18€; the above rates stand for shipping across Europe

11th June 2016, 09:44
Interested next in line

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11th June 2016, 18:23
pm replied to edo1080

11th June 2016, 18:53
PM replied to mariosMSX , thanks!

12th June 2016, 16:39
payment sent for tracking shipping,
thank you friend.

12th June 2016, 16:41
Received, posting Tomorrow thanks mate!

20th June 2016, 23:17
package arrived, positive feedback left for edo1080 :)