View Full Version : Sold Phase5 Blizzard 1230MKIV@50MHZ with 50 MHZ 68882 FPU

26th June 2016, 11:06

here for sale a Phase5 Blizzard 1230 MKIV@50MHZ and installed 68882 PGA 50MHZ FPU.

( http://amiga.resource.cx/exp/blizzard1230mk4 )

It is possible to install a 128MB Simm, I give a 32 MB Simm Module with the card.

The Blizzard card is fully testet with several Benchmark Tests and Demos and is in optical good condition.

The installed Battery is new, the old one is remove.

Price: 250 Euro + shipping and Paypal (or as Gift without fees)

26th June 2016, 16:08

You can only make an offer if the item states or near offer or words to that effect.

If you can make an offer your offer must be sent by PM once you've declared interest in the thread.

As such your posts have been removed.

26th June 2016, 16:15
Interested pending questions and pictures. Sending PM.

26th June 2016, 21:53
PM replied. :)

27th June 2016, 12:53

27th June 2016, 13:02
@pinozulpo (http://www.amibay.com/member.php?11370-pinozulpo)

must wait Pgovotsos (http://www.amibay.com/member.php?15150-Pgovotsos) Answer :)

27th June 2016, 13:33
ok, i still wait! let me know pal!

i found another one, just bought right now... sorry!
good luck for selling it

27th June 2016, 18:25
Payment sent for this and SCSI MKIV. Thanks!

27th June 2016, 22:24
Receive Payment, will send the card tomorow with insurance to the very reliable User Pgovotsos. Very good communication with him :)

22nd August 2016, 02:26
Arrived very well packed. Works perfectly with the ACA500 on my 1000. Yay!

Leaving positive feedback. Thanks!