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24th September 2008, 16:44

For sale I have for:

Eyetech EZ-PC Tower Unit with adapted PC PSU. This is the large full size type that allows an Amiga and PC Mobo to be used together.
(Note the Tower case works fine and the LED's all work)

It is the same type of case as this one:

http://www.bboah.com/cgi-bin/showhardwa ... ARDID=1550 (http://www.bboah.com/cgi-bin/showhardware_en.cgi?HARDID=1550)

This Includes:

1x4.3GB 3.5" IDE HDD Partitioned With Workbench 3.0 pre-installed and some games which I didn't get around to deleting. It's old & clunky but working.
1xTraxdata 2x speed CD-RW IDE Drive - Working
1xAmiga PC style 3.5" floppy disc drive - Working although probably needs the heads cleaned
1xIomega Zip 100 IDE Drive - It works but does that clicking thing now and then!
1x24x speed CD Rom Drive - Working
1xA4000 Style separate keyboard which is very white and not yellowed and has the PS2 to Din connector converter attached. - The keyboard works but the space bar sometimes sticks but that's nothing a good clean wouldn't fix.

(It's like this one: http://www.bboah.com/cgi-bin/showhardwa ... HARDID=658 (http://www.bboah.com/cgi-bin/showhardware_en.cgi?HARDID=658))

1xAmiga custom bevelled 5.25" face plate which says AMIGA in black lettering.

Note that there is no Amiga 1200 with this system. It has been removed along with the IDE Fix 97, Floppy adapter, keyboard adapter pcb, and the Apollo 1260 Acellerator which I also had in there has all been sold on ebay recently.

I was hoping to sell this on ebay but due to the grief I had recently by an unscrupulous buyer who bought the 060 I've decided to stick this on here instead. I would prefer to sell the unit in one piece really as I would like it off my premises as i'm having a tidy up.

I live in Portsmouth, UK off the M27 Motorway and I would prefer to get rid of this fairly quickly.
I am only after 60 for the lot, but if someone was to make me a sensible near offer, and be prepared to collect and pay cash on collection I would be more than happy. I can't post this really as it is a bulky item and its pretty heavy even when empty.

I am in the process of putting it back together and giving it a good clean. So I will post some images of the actual case in the next 24 hours hopefully. If anyone is remotely interested let me know via PM. It would be a shame if I had to throw it out as someone might be able to give it a good home!



* EDIT *

I have also got a PC ATX Beige MIDI case I no longer need and I can chuck that in too for FREE if anyone wants that as well (Collection Only). It's like Bargain Basement here isn't it? :lol:

It might also be possible to have the Amiga case delivered within the UK but the buyer will have to additionally pay the full shipping costs as well which could be around 25. Let me know on that front and I can weight it on my digital bathroom scales and let you know.

Will post pictures later on tonight and will post more info when I have it to hand. Thanks for your interest! :mrgreen:

* EDIT *

Kin Hell
24th September 2008, 16:55
Hi jasybee2000,

Unfortunately, you are not allowed to ask for offers. - "This is not an Auction site".
You must state a price you want.
People can then either pay what you ask or make you a sensible offer via PM.

Perhaps you would take a moment to modify your post asap.

Best wishes,


Kin Hell
24th September 2008, 17:32
Thanks for the Thread update Jason.

Best of Luck m8y! :D

24th September 2008, 17:35
Cheers Buddy!

25th September 2008, 19:51
could you find out how much postage to manchester is please

25th September 2008, 23:00

Sorry for late reply. Will find out for you after I weigh it and work out what the packing material is going to cost As I had better put some wrap around it prior to shipping it. I will also sort out some pictures. Will be in touch again very shortly. Cheers. J.

26th September 2008, 02:29
Eyetech EZ-PC Tower images:









26th September 2008, 02:56

Weighed it with the panels outer casing on and the keyboard and plastic feet and judging by Royal Mails website we are looking at about 30 to send this anywhere in the UK with Parcel Force (with tracking) as it's a heavy brute for what it is. I have allowed a tiny little bit on that for packing materials as well as this will have to be well packed so it arrives in one piece!

If anyone wants it let me know and we can sort out payment via paypal prior to dispatch.



26th September 2008, 03:17
For something like this I would use a courier like parcel2go or equivalent. Much faster, more secure and a whole lot safer.

Nice tower though :D

26th September 2008, 03:45
Hello there!

Yes it is a nice Tower and a shame I had to break it all up and get rid of it all as well, but women do nag a lot and all us men just want peace and harmony don't we? This is quite kewl as it was aimed at the Siamese system whereby you put a PC and Amiga in together and connect them both up, can't say I ever did this though, hence why the PC backplate parts are all intact still. The metals have oxidised a little over time but it's still pretty much in good nick for its age. It was bought in 1995 I think, so it's at least 12 years old anyway! :lol:

So how does this Parcel2Go thingy work then? I've just had a quick look at it.

Do you pack it up, weight it, and measure it, pay online and then some chappie comes round and collects it from your door and sends it on to your destination for you?

As long as it's not too difficult to do I suppose I could give this a go.


26th September 2008, 10:52
Do you pack it up, weight it, and measure it, pay online and then some chappie comes round and collects it from your door and sends it on to your destination for you?

A basic description, but yes thats exactly how it works. Real couriers like Fedex, DHL are in under the parcel2go scheme and it's really is THAT easy!

26th September 2008, 20:14
Just done a few calculations and got a quote from the Courier.

Standard 24-48 hour delivery using Courier including cost of packing materials for this item will be 17 within UK.

So that's (60 + 17) = 77.

Let me know if anyone is interested?


1st October 2008, 12:29
I could be interested - just pricing up the other bits I'd need to buy (keyboard adapter, IDE controller etc)...

12th October 2008, 07:09
I would LOVE to buy that beaty, but im on the other side of the Atlantic, and i guess shipping would be terrible, even by surface...


12th October 2008, 11:24
What would the price be in US dollars?