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19th August 2016, 09:45
ZX Spectrum games for sale, Spanish and English editions.Tested and running.

Cristal Castles (English case wide) ---------------------------------------- 6.00 €
The Eidolon (English case wide) ---------------------------------------------7.00 €
Revolution (English case wide) -----------------------------------------------4.00 €
Exploding Fist (ERBE Spanish case first edition )----------------- 5.50 €
Vendetta (Spanish MCM carton box)-------------------------------------------9.00 €
Dan Dare III (English carton)--------------------------------------------------------8.00 €
Indiana Jone Ultima Cruz. (Spanish carton large-NO poster)------- 15.00 €
Turrican (English carton)-------------------------------------------------------------12.00 €
Myth (Multilingual carton - no Spanish)-----------------------------------------12.00 €
Toad Runner (English case wide)----------------------------------------------6.00 €
Michel Futbol Master (Spanish carton - no manual)------------------------- 6.50 €
Simulador Pro Tenis Dinamic (Spanish carton - no manual)------------- 6.50 €
Dandy (English case wide)-----------------------------------------------------5.50 €
Batman the Movie (Spanish large carton-NO poster)------------------ 7.00 €
Chase HQ 2 (English) --------------------------------------------------------- 4.00 €
Chess (English)----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2.50 €
Combat School (Spanish)---------------------------------------------------------------- 4.00 €
Diseñador Juegos II (Spanish)---------------------------------------------------------- 3.50 €
Flight Simulation (English)-------------------------------------------------------------- 2.50 €
Frank Bruno's Boxing (Spanish)-------------------------------------------------------- 4.00 €
Game Over (Spanish)---------------------------------------------------------------------- 5.00 €
Ghouls and Ghost (Spanish)------------------------------------------------------------- 12 €
Gun Start (English)------------------------------------------------------------------------ 4.50 €
Horace Goes Sking (English-scratch plastic box) ------------------------ 2.00 €
Hormigas (scratch-break plastic box) ---------------------------- 3.50 €
Match Day II (no manual)--------------------------------------------------- 2.00 €
Narco Police (no cover-manual) ------------------------------------- 4.00 €
La Caza Octubre Rojo (carton film version regular condition)- 10.00 €
Power Drift (Spanish)--------------------------------------------------------------------4.00 €
Red Heat (Spanish-scratch plastic box) --------------------------------------- 5.00 €
Savage (Spanish)------------------------------------------------------------------------- 12 €
Trantor (Spanish)-------------------------------------------------------------------------4.00 €
Winter Games (Spanish-scratch plastic box) -------------------------------- 2.00 €
Your Computer C64 ---------------------------------------------------------- 2.00 €


Shipping costs outside Spain to confirm.
Payment is by paypal - gift, I send by Kiala.

Correos, to Spain expenses are:

1 unit regular mail 95 ¢
1 certified unit 3.45 €

4 units € 2.20 ordinary mail in padded envelope
4 certified units in padded envelope 4.60 €

(Published also in other Spanish forum)

30th August 2016, 10:51
Price drop

1st September 2016, 07:56
I will PM you.

1st September 2016, 08:36
I will PM you.

about what ??

are you declaring interest ?? if so in which Items ??

Declare interest:
If you wish to buy an item, you must declare interest in the thread. If there are multiple items on offer, you must specify which item(s) or how many you're interested in. In both cases, this should be clear and unambiguous. Please avoid vague statements like "PM sent" or "I might be interested in...", use direct wording such as , "I am interested in...". The clearer you are in your assertions the less likely there will be any ambiguity as to who is next in line. Remember, English isn't everyone's first language here.

If you need more information about the item, you can declare interest and state that it's "pending some further information". Where reasonable, the information requested should be posted in the thread.

If another member has already declared interest, then they are first in line. You may also declare interest to be "next in line".

When there are multiple items on offer in a thread, you must declare which item(s) or how many you are interested in.

6th September 2016, 18:41
Delete this thread.
Now not on sale here.