View Full Version : Sold Indivision AGA Mk2 A4000/CD32

22nd August 2016, 16:41
​I have a working fairly recently purchased (about a year and a half ago) Indivision AGA Mk2 for the A4000d/CD32 for sale.

The ribbon cable for the DVI output became slightly damaged due to being accidentally pinched by the case of the 4000, but it still works. No damage to the
Indivision itself:

An easy repair would be to find a new cable, or to simply split the cable with a small blade, and splice / tape it up a bit.

I'm asking 160.00 Euro + Shipping

Update: Price drop: 130.00 Euro + Shipping


22nd August 2016, 21:38
interested pending questions

23rd August 2016, 16:06
withdraw due shipping costs

23rd August 2016, 23:14
Ah! I have been making mistakes with shipping. The stupid tricky USPS has an almost hidden "list all options" but offers you the most expensive shipping first, of course.
I have now found the cheapest overseas shipping.. Around 11.94 to Portugal for instance from where I am in the USA.


23rd August 2016, 23:35
interested :)

24th August 2016, 15:42
Sold. Payment received. Shipping today.