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7th October 2016, 17:51

Collection to be made from Croydon, Surrey

Included in the bundle is the following...

Sony Playstation 2 - Model 3003
In good overall condition - Marks to bottom but otherwise good.
Comes with Official 8MB Black memory card, Official Black Dual Shock 2 Pad, power lead and RGB scart.
Split Price - 25 delivered

Original Xbox
In good overall condition, a few marks and scratches as is the case with these things.
Comes with Xecuter2 Bios on TSOP and upgraded 160GB hard drive. No Roms/Games are included. I will include a power lead but you will need your own controller and video lead.
Split Price - 35 delivered

Assorted leads and accessories (All working unless stated otherwise)
Official PS2 Slim 8.5V power adaptor
Official PSOne 7.5V power adaptor
Official Sega 10V power adaptor
Official Nintendo DS / 3DS power adaptor
Third party DS, DSi, 3DS power adaptor (multi out)
Third party Xbox 360 to Xbox One PSU adaptor
Third Party Sega Saturn Scart Lead
Official Nintendo Wii to composite cable (3 phonos)
N64 - Video error - Bare unit
PS3 Dual Shock 3 pad - working but not holding charge
Xbox 360 wireless white pad - Fully working in OK condition
Xbox 360 wireless black pad - Cannot test, but 99% certain it works ok.
Silver PS2 Dual Shock 2 Pad - OK condition
Split Price - 25 delivered

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Sony Playstation 3 SuperSlim
Cosmetically imperfect but in full working order. Please note, this console has been opened before.
Issues include marks to the bottom of the case, hard drive side plastic cover clips broken so it falls off, marks and scratches all over the unit.
I have to re-iterate that this is 100% fully working despite its appearance.
Comes with Official Dual Shock 3 Pad, HDMI lead, power lead and hard drive caddy & screws
I am also including the following games:
Uncharted Drakes Fortune (Boxed in good condition)
Uncharted 2 Among Thieves (Boxed in good condition)
Uncharted 3 Drakes Deception (Boxed in good condition)
Split/Second Velocity (Boxed in good condition)
Call Of Duty Ghosts (Boxed in good condition)
Call Of Duty Black Ops (Sleeved in good condition)
Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 (Sleeved in good condition)
Dead Island (Sleeved in good condition)
Virtua Tennis 3 (Sleeved in good condition)
Split Price - 55 delivered - Sold Elsewhere

Black Nintendo Wii
Cosmetically scuffed (as are all Wii's!) but in full working order.
Comes with Official WiiMote (with MotionPlus Built in - WiiMote has scratches at the the bottom), official Nunchuck in good condition, official power supply, official sensor bar, and Wii2HDMI adaptor with HDMI cable. I am also including a 16GB SD card and a 250GB HDD set up for playing games from the HDD, but no games are included although the Homebrew Channel is installed.
Split Price - 45 delivered - SOLD to OWEN2471



8th October 2016, 09:40
Notification that I have reduced the price of the bundle and have also added split prices that were not present in the original listing.

8th October 2016, 15:48
Interested in the wii pls.

8th October 2016, 16:23
Replied to PM owen

9th October 2016, 21:31
Payment and delivery details received from OWEN2471