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23rd August 2010, 01:20
Looking to get an old motherboard (AMD 386/40!) running with OS/2 however I seem to have lost my ISA VGA card so I am looking to purchase another one. I can find some on ebay for $25-$30 so I'm looking for something a cheaper if I can find it. Due to shipping costs I'd probably be interested in only someone selling in the US since that would be cheaper.

23rd August 2010, 01:53
I have a oak technology not sure the model was working years ago when I pulled it from my 386 it's low end I know that your's free PM me your info..

Chris :nuts:

23rd August 2010, 04:05
I'll check my local recycling center tomorrow; they tend to have a buttload of old ISA stuff, including plenty of VGA-clone boards.

23rd August 2010, 06:49
I have a trident 8900 for the bin, but usa might bill up to ship, should I check.

24th August 2010, 00:00
Sending PM to Chris and John. Thanks for the offer jvd but shipping from Belgium would probably not make it worthwhile so no need to check.

2nd September 2010, 07:34
Card sent hope it works out for ya..

Chris :coffee:

6th September 2010, 20:49
Yes, thanks. It's working well so far. Ran into other issues at the moment so haven't quite made it past the BIOS configuring though. It's progress, at least!

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6th September 2010, 21:12
Changed to Found as requested.

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