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9th October 2016, 12:52
Good morning, retronauts.

I've 3 ORICs sat here - all spares/repairs cases - needing shifting as 'Er Indoors has lost patience with certain sections of my 'tat'.

So, here we go - I'll take 15 each for either of the ORIC 1s and 20 for the ATMOS as they are definitely fixable if you have the time/parts/know how & inclination (they've been sat here for months and I have some parts/know how but presently no time or motivation, sadly).

Naturally, you'll need to add postage to your neck of the woods - UK 5; Europe 8-10 approx. ROW - enquire.

Faults are indicated either via the images or below.

Cheers - any further questions then just PM.




The 1st Oric-1 possibly needs more work doing on it than either of the models listed below but as you can see - it's externally in great shape so at the very least, you'd get a great case/keyboard for your bucks.

The 2nd ORIC-1 tries to display but has the classic black/white hortizontal bars which often indicate bad RAM/ULA fault - spares are readily available online.

The Atmos definitely needs the old regulator desoldering and a new one soldering on - part herewith. Haven't got the equipment - or mate who said he would do this - to actually do it...

The usual rules apply - first come, first served - advertised elsewhere etc - have the right to withdraw these should they sell there etc etc.

Thanks for looking and I sincerely hope they go to a good new home where they are soon back to fully working order as they should be.

9th October 2016, 13:08
Interested in the Atmos. PM on its way.


9th October 2016, 13:14
Second for the ATMOS

9th October 2016, 13:32
Many thanks for your interest, chaps.

Postage quote to Germany coming up - will PM reply in the next hour, Bryce.

9th October 2016, 14:11
Interested in all Orics, first in line for both Oric 1 and third on line for Atmos

9th October 2016, 14:32
Cheers, amigaman,

Bryce is on the verge of closing the Atmos deal now so barring a miracle, you've lost out there as tbtorro is 2nd in line.

So, I'll quote you on the TWO ORIC-1s to be posted to Spain.

Give me an hour, please.


Interested in all Orics, first in line for both Oric 1 and third on line for Atmos

9th October 2016, 15:54
Interested in one of the ORIC 1's, in case everyone else drops out...

9th October 2016, 15:57
Next inline for Oric 1 please ~:)

9th October 2016, 19:04
Thank you for the strong interest, fellas.

Bryce and amigaman have been PMd with their shipping quotes and I am now just awaiting a response from amigaman.

I will advise if he drops out.



UPDATE - Bryce has now completed payment so the ATMOS is sold and will be posted in the next 24hrs. Thanking you.

10th October 2016, 18:40
OK, state of play...

ATMOS paid for and sent to Bryce....SOLD.

Still not heard from amigaman...so don't know what's going on there as I've sent him his postage quote (2kgs parcel for the x2 ORICs).

What's the closing time factor here, fellas, 24/48hrs from 1st contact?

Anyhow, I'll give him another day and then it's over to...Uberfreak, then The Corfiot for the ORIC-1s (you guys sound like runners and riders from Kempton Park!)

Cheers, fellas.

11th October 2016, 08:17
Sorry for the delay, PM sent.

11th October 2016, 12:25
Payment done


11th October 2016, 18:54
Thanks, amigaman.

So, I have received payment now from Bryce (Atmos despatched) and amigaman (payment received - ORIC 1s to be booked in tonight for shipment tomorrow).

Many thanks to all who expressed interest - will advise when the chaps have recd their machines and then we can close this thread, mods.

Much obliged.

Cheers all.


14th October 2016, 09:22
Atmos arrived safely yesterday, thanks, feedback on its way...


14th October 2016, 20:02
Cheers, Bryce.

Job's a good one.


15th October 2016, 12:00
I just finished the diagnostics on my newly acquired Atmos and here's the situation:

Contrary to statements above, the Atmos does have a 7905 regulator installed and a working one at that, so voltages are fine.

The bad news:
The ULA is dead, so I need to source another one.
I used the ULA from my Oric-1 to test the rest and it will boot, however, the available RAM is reported as about 37K, as far as I can remember, it should be reporting about 47K, so there seems to be a RAM issue too.

I'll try to source a ULA first and then worry about the RAM. One other issue is that someone poked something through the speaker grill and the speaker is in shreds. However, I have a few extremely similar speakers here, so swapping that shouldn't be a problem (once I've sorted the ULA and RAM).


Edit: After some reading I've discovered that the reported 37K is actually correct, because the Atmos boots to hi-res mode unlike the Oric-1 which boots to low-res mode, so the RAM is fine and I just need to get a ULA and a speaker :)

15th October 2016, 13:35
I can assure you that the reported incorrect regulator was flagged up by an Oric 'expert' and a qualified electrical component guy so I do hope no accusations of misleading information are being made here? I also supplied to you the correct regulator as that is what I was told the machine needed and thus the Oric guy who studied the pictures I sent him by email was also acting in good faith.

In no way have I 'poked something through the speaker grill' as I adore these machines... much to my missus' amusement.

I wish you well with the repairs, Bryce, and if the other two ORIC-1s hadn't already been sold to amigaman, you would have been welcome to the copious spares that these machines would have provided...

15th October 2016, 14:18
No! Of course not. If the expert was only judging from pictures he may have just mis-read the markings if the picture resolution was bad. Either way I have a spare 7905 now too :).
Yeah, the poking through the speaker is a pity. I didn't think you did it, but it's an easy fix so I don't really care. I think I even have an original Oric speaker here to put in.
The repair will be a doddle, the ULA is socketed and I've found a source for them for €2, so it's a cheap doddle. The only soldering required is the speaker and it's such an easy job I'd probably let my 5 year old son take a go at it, just for the practice. In the meantime I'm going to give the case a keyboard a serious cleaning while I'm waiting for the ULA to arrive.

Extremely happy with my purchase, thanks!


Edit: Here's a picture of the speaker. Probably some child / original owner poking about. I've also just inspected the regulator under the microscope. It's never been changed, it's the original and working fine, so I assume the Oric expert just had a blurred image to work with.


Further edit: I just tested the speaker, and despite the "tiger scratches" it still produces perfect pitch and volume, so I think I'll just leave it as it is. So now the entire "repair" is just - Get new ULA and plug it in :) Couldn't be happier.

15th October 2016, 14:43
Good stuff, Bryce.

As you say, it's possible that the image wasn't clear to the guy but he was adamant that the regulator had been changed and that this was the cause of the fault - however, without getting his hands on it (he wasn't interested in fixing it for me, and my pal around the corner let me down), it's a much tougher repair to diagnose 'remotely'.

Anyhow, I'm sure this beast will soon be fixed and that you are about to breathe new life into it - so I am very pleased with the outcome too.

All the best and enjoy happy ORIC gaming soon - if you need any software titles, do not hesitate to PM me as I have many of the back catalogue!



15th October 2016, 14:54
Call me a masochist, but I will try to load some real tapes on it later (using the ULA from my Oric-1), just for the fun of it! :D Yes, that's the retro equivalent of beating yourself on the head with a rusty crowbar. But what better way to waste a Saturday.
I'm extremely pleased with it as all the keys are present and working and the case is in excellent condition. That's all that ever matters to me, everything else can always be repaired.

Regarding the regulator, it's definitely the original, the joints are wave-soldered as it was in the factory, hand solder joints are relatively easy to spot.


15th October 2016, 15:39
I'm glad you're happy with the keyboard/case unit, Bryce and it all sounds like it will be a happy ending.

As regards the tape loads, they can cause frustration, of course, but the satisfaction of seeing software now 30+ years old eventually appear on screen... is a superb way of spending a Saturday!

Best of luck with it and as for the regulator mystery... well, it will probably remain a mystery to us, but we'll put it down to a bad photo!

23rd October 2016, 12:01
The replacement ULA arrived on friday. The Atmos is now up and running and after a serious clean, looking almost like new. The things that needed to be fixed: ULA, broken track on the Keyboard PCB and a few dry joints on some keys. Now everythings perfect and tapes load first time*.


* Of course they don't load first time, it's an Oric! :D

23rd October 2016, 18:26
Brilliant, Bryce.
Very, very pleased to hear, fella.
Congrats & all the best with those 'temperamental' tape loading errors!

27th October 2016, 18:20
Orics received, damm 15 days from UK to Spain, thats crazy.

Anyway, I will try to repair then.

Feedback left

28th October 2016, 19:48
Heavens above...
I could have walked quicker.
Sorry to hear about that amigaman.
Good luck with the repairs.
Feedback to follow.