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9th October 2016, 15:40
Edit: Price reduced.

I have an NEC XM29 Plus monitor professional video monitor. These things are highly valued because they have excellent picture quality and support 15, 24 and 31KHz modes. This makes them somewhat ideal for Amiga use as even graphics cards without a scan double will display native Amiga and VGA modes without any problem.

It has two RGB inputs (VGA and BNC), two s-video inputs and two composite video inputs, as well as stereo speakers and a remote control. It's fairly square so easy to TATE. Manual here: https://isurplus.com.au/manuals/NEC%20XM29%20Plus%20Monitor%20Manual.pdf

Mine has the original carry case (a big padded metal box) and is in good condition. I modified the fan to be a bit quieter, it's designed for use in a hot studio with tonnes of other equipment so is massive overkill for home use. The mod can be undone easily if desired. There is a very light mark about 3cm long on the screen, only visible from the side against a solid colour background and invisible during normal use. Generally neat and tidy, nice and bright high contrast display.

Many consider the XM29 Plus to be the holy grail of CRT monitors. It supports basically everything from 240p to VGA, PAL, NTSC, random arcade refresh rates in-between, everything. Extensive picture controls too. Note that if you want to connect SCART you will need a sync splitter, which I will include (made it myself).

As this weighs 53.5kg + the box, you will have to collect it from me on the south coast in Hampshire (UK). Courier is also fine, if you arrange it and accept all responsibility. PM me for details. Payment via PayPal (buyer pays fees), cash or bank transfer.


Reason for sale is that it's too big, takes up too much room on my desk and due to health issues I can barely move it on my own any more.

I'm asking for 600 or near offers. I will consider part-ex for a 20" monitor like an Ikegami or a Trinitron TV (sorry, not interested in Sony PVM/BVM). Advertised elsewhere.

14th October 2016, 09:14
Price reduced, open to offers.

14th October 2016, 10:39
Sorry to pollute the thread, but why not Sony PVM/BVM ? The weight ?

14th October 2016, 12:12
I'm looking for something with around 600 TVL, for 240p online. The scanlines are quite pronounced on monitors with higher numbers of TVL, and plus the PVMs and especially BVMs are really expensive. Old Amiga monitors with the Philips and Commodore 15KHz ones were typically about 600 TVL, that's what I'm looking for.

In all probability I'll go back to a 10 Sony TV from the local charity shop, but something with a few more controls would be nice.

23rd October 2016, 22:32