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24th October 2016, 15:21
Hi all, this is my spare dreamcast for sale.
It's a pal console that has a region free with dev kit startup bios installed so will boot games from all regions. It also plays backups (some may require a boot disc).

Comes with controller, power cable and rgb scart. No VMU or games are included.

Console has yellowed as can be seen against the controller pic.

Asking 40 plus p&p




Amiga Forever
24th October 2016, 18:07
Interested and Can played Jap and USA Game on them?

24th October 2016, 18:33
Hi AF, yes indeed. The console has a region free bios so will boot pal/usa/japanese games. Backups that are self bootable will boot fine, other backups will require a utopia bootdisk.

Send me a pm if you wish to continue and we can sort out total cost including shipping for this and the MD2 i see you've declared interest in too.


Amiga Forever
24th October 2016, 19:32
Payment Sented :)

24th October 2016, 19:33
and received with thanks :)