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31st October 2016, 18:23
Hello everyone!

Today I'm selling an original Nintendo RGB cable for the Gamecube.
I think it can also be used in the NES, SNES and the Nintendo 64, but I can't be sure, you'll have to search the web for info on that.

I'm asking 60€ + Shipping (Europe only)
Payment via Bank Transfer or Paypal Gift



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31st October 2016, 18:57
Hi there! I'm looking into buying RGB cables for my Nintendo consoles, but I'd like to know if you could tell me what the difference between your cable and something like this is:

Thanks in advance!

31st October 2016, 20:18
Sorry for disturbing the thread, I just wanted to add that I use the same original Nintendo RGB cable which is sold here with my SNES, and it provides a beautiful picture and sound. To make it work on my PAL snes however, I had to solder a few things, but this is very easy to do even for a rookie, and I'm not sure whether this is necessary on every model of the cable.

31st October 2016, 20:19
Ok a few things:

1. The Gamecube Scart cable is 100% compatible with the Super Famicom (Japanese SNES). If used with a PAL SNES, modifications are needed.
2. It cannot be used with a NES because the NES doesn't output RGB.
3. Using an official Gamecube Scart cable will give you a fantastic picture on both the Gamecube and Super Famicom with no audio hum. Using a 3rd party cable such as Rob Webb's will have a fuzzier picture and a VERY annoying audio hum in the background.

Hope that helps!

31st October 2016, 21:01
ok, unless your buying please don't comment on the price or alternative cables in a sellers thread.


1st March 2017, 14:01
Still available!

7th April 2017, 14:47
Price drop. Now 60€ including shipping in Europe.