View Full Version : Wanted MacOS for my mac mini powerpc

9th November 2016, 08:03

My daughter painted my original dvds with a black marker. I wanted to create a dual boot with MorphOS when I saw this disaster.

It is from 2005, so I am not sure which version I need because everything is black now.

I remember it was the OS and another dvd with some software for edit video.....or maybe office. I dont remember right now.

So please, if somebody can help me with this will be great. I am newbie using Macs and I just want to play with it on powerpc cpus.

Thanks in advancd

9th November 2016, 10:01
I'd say you could try taking some IPA and cleaning the discs. Only the bottom side matters as long as the top one isn't scratched or anything.

10th November 2016, 06:50
I tried everything and my dvd drive is like making weird noises.

20th December 2016, 01:14
I may be able to help you