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11th November 2016, 16:14
Hello Everyone,

I decided to cancel decrease my collection of retro equipment. Every one piece is tested and 100% stable.
To prove it, I've added screenshots from 3dMark 2000 and 2001 running under Windows 98 (graphics card is Winfast 180T - GeForce 4MX).
Abit IC7 was tested with 2x256MB PC3200 to avoid problems with memory > 512MB, but I'm selling it with full 2GB as stated below (the same for Gigabyte 8IDX3).

(06.12.2016) Price drop 5 € on all items.
(04.05.2017) Bumping thread. Now position #5 - Abit IS7 with much cooler Pentium 4 Northwood (2.8/512/800). It can be set up to any FSB from 400 to 800 Mhz (which results in cpu speed from 1400 to 2800Mhz). Cpu fan can be slow down in BIOS.
(22.08.2017) Price drop - position #5 Abit IS7 now 15 EUR, also buyer will get both 2.8Ghz processors - 2.8/512/800 Northwood and 2.8/1M/533 Prescott

Today I have for sale:

All bundles sold.

I think that shipping cost for every place (inside Europe) should not exceed 15 €, but I will check it individually for everyone interested.

Shipping cost is 15 € worldwide (except for Poland of course which is less expensive as I live in Poland).

sold to Malichite1.) Intel SE440BX-2 (i440BX chipset) with Pentium 3 650 (6.5x100) Coppermine Slot 1, 192MB SDRAM (3 x 64MB PC100), with backplate - asking 25 €
http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/z841/8412813/small/1.jpg (http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/Galeria/8412813/1) http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/z841/8412813/small/2.jpg (http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/Galeria/8412813/2) http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/z841/8412813/small/3.jpg (http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/Galeria/8412813/3) http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/z841/8412813/small/4.jpg (http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/Galeria/8412813/4) http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/z841/8412813/small/5.jpg (http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/Galeria/8412813/5) http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/z841/8412813/small/6.jpg (http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/Galeria/8412813/6) http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/z841/8412813/small/7.jpg (http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/Galeria/8412813/7) http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/z841/8412813/small/8.jpg (http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/Galeria/8412813/8) http://www.galerieallegro.pl/views/8412813/1.jpg

sold to TheGouldFish 2.) Compaq Deskpro EX mainboard (i815 chipset, integrated graphics and AGP) with Pentium 3 1000 (7.5 x 133) Coppermine, 512MB ram (2 x 256MB PC133), with backplate - asking 20 € now 15 €

http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/z841/8412850/small/1.jpg (http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/Galeria/8412850/1) http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/z841/8412850/small/2.jpg (http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/Galeria/8412850/2) http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/z841/8412850/small/3.jpg (http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/Galeria/8412850/3) http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/z841/8412850/small/4.jpg (http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/Galeria/8412850/4) http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/z841/8412850/small/5.jpg (http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/Galeria/8412850/5) http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/z841/8412850/small/6.jpg (http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/Galeria/8412850/6) http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/z841/8412850/small/7.jpg (http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/Galeria/8412850/7) http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/z841/8412850/small/8.jpg (http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/Galeria/8412850/8) http://www.galerieallegro.pl/views/8412850/1.jpg

sold to konc 3) FIC FS35T (with i815EP chipset, integrated graphics and AGP) with Pentium 3-S Tualatin 1266 Mhz (9.5 x 133) 512kB cache, 512MB ram (2 x 256MB PC133), with backplate - asking 25 €

http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/z841/8412863/small/1.jpg (http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/Galeria/8412863/1) http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/z841/8412863/small/2.jpg (http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/Galeria/8412863/2) http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/z841/8412863/small/3.jpg (http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/Galeria/8412863/3) http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/z841/8412863/small/4.jpg (http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/Galeria/8412863/4) http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/z841/8412863/small/5.jpg (http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/Galeria/8412863/5) http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/z841/8412863/small/6.jpg (http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/Galeria/8412863/6) http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/z841/8412863/small/7.jpg (http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/Galeria/8412863/7) http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/z841/8412863/small/8.jpg (http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/Galeria/8412863/8) http://www.galerieallegro.pl/views/8412863/1.jpg

sold outside Amibay 4) Gigabyte 8IDX3 (i845 chipset) with Pentium 4 1700Mhz Willamete socket 423, FSB 400, 1GB ram (1 x 512MB + 2 x 256MB SDRAM PC133), with backplate - asking 20 € now 15 €

http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/z841/8412876/small/1.jpg (http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/Galeria/8412876/1) http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/z841/8412876/small/2.jpg (http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/Galeria/8412876/2) http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/z841/8412876/small/3.jpg (http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/Galeria/8412876/3) http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/z841/8412876/small/4.jpg (http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/Galeria/8412876/4) http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/z841/8412876/small/5.jpg (http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/Galeria/8412876/5) http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/z841/8412876/small/6.jpg (http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/Galeria/8412876/6) http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/z841/8412876/small/7.jpg (http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/Galeria/8412876/7) http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/z841/8412876/small/8.jpg (http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/Galeria/8412876/8) http://www.galerieallegro.pl/views/8412876/1.jpg

sold to Dystopia 5.) Abit IS7 (i865 chipset) with Pentium 4 2800Mhz Prescott socket 478, FSB 533, 1MB cache (+ Northwood 2.8/512/800), 2GB ram dual channel (4 x 512MB PC3200 DDR), with backplate, manuals, drivers).
I've changed original heatsink on northbridge to passive one asking 25 € now 20 € now 15 €

http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/z841/8412889/small/1.jpg (http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/Galeria/8412889/1) http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/z841/8412889/small/2.jpg (http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/Galeria/8412889/2) http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/z841/8412889/small/3.jpg (http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/Galeria/8412889/3) http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/z841/8412889/small/5.jpg (http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/Galeria/8412889/5) http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/z841/8412889/small/6.jpg (http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/Galeria/8412889/6) http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/z841/8412889/small/7.jpg (http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/Galeria/8412889/7) http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/z841/8412889/small/8.jpg (http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/Galeria/8412889/8) http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/z841/8412889/small/9.jpg (http://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/Galeria/8412889/9) http://www.galerieallegro.pl/views/8412889/1.jpg

12th November 2016, 20:33
PM sent on the Intel SE440BX-2.

12th November 2016, 21:25
just a quick heads up read below thanks

Buying on AmiBay
Declare interest:
If you wish to buy an item, you must declare interest in the thread. If there are multiple items on offer, you must specify which item(s) or how many you're interested in. In both cases, this should be clear and unambiguous. Please avoid vague statements like "PM sent" or "I might be interested in...", use direct wording such as , "I am interested in...". The clearer you are in your assertions the less likely there will be any ambiguity as to who is next in line. Remember, English isn't everyone's first language here.

13th November 2016, 00:54
Sorry, I missed that and thought I saw other replying that way in other threads. I am interested in the Intel SE440BX-2 for 25 €.

13th November 2016, 09:43
its not an issue until another member declares interest in the same item and under the rules you "could" (and has happened in the past) lose your place. I was just reminding you.

13th November 2016, 17:16
Replied to PM from Malachite.

15th November 2016, 09:45
1st item sold to Malichite. Payment received.

15th November 2016, 15:03
Interested in 3) FIC FS35T. Sending pm with some questions about it.

15th November 2016, 16:05
Replied to PM from konc.

16th November 2016, 11:22
Payment made.

16th November 2016, 13:40
Item 3 sold to konc.

16th November 2016, 14:15
Expressing interest in item 2.

17th November 2016, 08:40
PM sent to Magnuz.

28th November 2016, 16:37
Package received and feedback left, thanks!

6th December 2016, 10:17
Since I do not have a response from Magnuz, all remaining items are still for sale. Price drop 5 eur.

4th May 2017, 13:32

14th August 2017, 15:54
Items: 2,4,5 still for sale.

22nd August 2017, 10:35
Price drop.

2nd September 2017, 02:27
Interested in Abit IS7.

Seeing as you've demonstrated it in Windows 98 I assume it has 9x drivers for everything?

4th September 2017, 12:43
Exactly. Working perfectly fine in Windows 98SE. Drivers are available for everything.

6th September 2017, 12:16
Item 5 sold to Dystopia.

14th September 2018, 13:11
Still for sale.

17th September 2018, 16:24
Declaring interest in the following :

Compaq Deskpro EX mainboard (i815 chipset, integrated graphics and AGP) with Pentium 3 1000 (7.5 x 133) Coppermine, 512MB ram (2 x 256MB PC133), with backplate - asking 20 now 15

3rd October 2018, 16:09
Only one motherboard remained.

11th October 2018, 19:17
Is it motherboard and cpu bundle 2 that is still remaining?

11th October 2018, 20:34
Yes. Pentium !!! 1000Mhz on Compaq board.

11th October 2018, 20:36
Great, based on your early posts I'm guessing it would be €30 to post to the UK?

11th October 2018, 20:53
Yes. Total cost will be €30 (15 + 15 shipping).

11th October 2018, 21:02
Then cool, declaring interest and will pm to pass on details.

17th October 2018, 11:43
All items sold. Thread can be closed.