View Full Version : For Sale Miscellaneous 8-bit ISA cards

14th November 2016, 17:53
I have a box of mixed 8-bit ISA cards from IBM PCs and XTs that I have no more use for, does anyone need any spares? Here's what I've got:

1x IBM mono display+parallel card - tested & working
3x late version IBM floppy controllers (no HD support) - tested and working
1x Xebec MFM HD controller (missing backplate) - no suitable drive available to test
1x Apparat 256K Rev C? RAM card, IBM 5150 style backplate - faulty RAM
1x Novell NE1000? NIC, BNC & AUI connectors - untested
1x unknown RAM+IO card (parallel/serial/game), BM-201? - faulty RAM
1x Paradise Basic EGA display card - faulty, no display
1x WD-1004A MFM controller - no suitable drive available to test

20 (or nearest offer) for the lot. Postage within the UK will be around 6 for the cheapest option (Hermes uninsured).

I'd rather shift these as a job lot if possible, but if you want any particular cards please let me know. Also advertised elsewhere.