View Full Version : Sold Pi Zero Project Starter Kit - 35 inc UK Delivery.

24th November 2016, 21:16
** SOLD **

I have for sale the following Raspberry Pi Zero Package.

This is a great Raspberry Pi Zero starter kit which will appeal to those who want to do more than just watch Kodi on it or play retro games!

Included in this sale is the following.

Raspberry Pi Zero (current model), with 40 pin header soldered into place - Tested working 100%
Pi Supply - Complete as purchased - Needs to be built
PowerBoost 500C - Complete with USB header, as new, unused
2000 MAh LiPo Battery
20cm MicroUSB Male to USB Female OTG Lead x 3
20cm MicroUSB Male to USB Male Lead x 1
30cm MicroUSB Male to MicroUSB Female Extension Lead x 1
MicroUSB Male to USB Hub x 1
MiniHDMI Male to HDMI Female adaptor x 3
1m HDMI Male to HDMI Male x 1
Full Size Breadboard
Cyntech Split+ T Shape Breakout For the Pi & Female to Female 40 pin ribbon lead
Assorted LED's
9 x Small Momentary Switches
2 x Monentary Switches (black & red)
Small 2 x headers
4GB MicroSD Card

All you need is a suitable Power Supply and you have a full Pi Zero setup with breakout and breadboard for prototyping.

Looking for 35 to include UK delivery. Delivery outside the UK at cost.

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25th November 2016, 02:40
Hi, stating interest. How much will be the Shipping cost to Portugal?

Best regards,
Pedro Torres

25th November 2016, 09:50
I could do the Pi kit as described above, and postage to Portugal by fully insured ParelForce delivery for a total of 60

25th November 2016, 18:46
Hi, interest withdrawn as postage cost is too high.

25th November 2016, 20:30
Just reduced the cost of the Kit to 35 inc UK Postage.

So I can now send to Portugal for 50 including insured postage.

26th November 2016, 00:13
Hi, stating interest again. Waiting for Paypal details

26th November 2016, 02:17
Replied with payment details.

26th November 2016, 12:40
Payment made, shipping info sent.

26th November 2016, 13:07
Payment received.

Many thanks