View Full Version : Wanted Alternative 48k keyboards

29th November 2016, 18:10
Looking for alternative ZX Spectrum 48K keyboards/cases.
Preferably one of the higher quality ones like the Fuller FDS or Transform keyboard.

Please no DK'Tronics or Saga Emperor keyboards (I have or had those before).

29th November 2016, 21:29
Something like that?


29th November 2016, 23:04
Preferably something with full stroke keys like the examples I named.
PokeMon's boards are amazing for upgrading rubber Speccys I guess - but this is intended for a clone.

1st December 2016, 19:18
PokeMon's keyboards are not for standard Speccy's only, fit's also Just Speccy 128k, and are perfect for Harlequin 48 & 128k too..
full stroke keys are hard to get. My favorite custom housing is SAGA, like it very much.. :roll:

2nd December 2016, 08:57
I currently have a SAGA Emperor I and find it quite annoying with it's 7 or 8 shift keys - barely adds any functionality except for keys one won't use.
Key mechs are okay tho.
And yes, I'm aware the Fuller FDS and Transform LTD. keyboards are quite rare. Alternative russian keyboards might work as well - this is intended for a Pentagon 128.