View Full Version : For Sale Toshiba T1910/200 486 SX/33 Mono Laptop

29th November 2016, 19:15
Hi everyone,

I am new here hopefully I am ok to post this as I have never posted before but here goes. I have for sale a Toshiba T1910/200 486 SX/33 Monochrome screen laptop running Windows 3.1 and MS-DOS 6.2.

It is in perfect working order except for the floppy drive (probably snapped belt) and Ni-Cad battery along with the CMOS backup battery.


The laptop is running Windows 3.1 and MS-DOS 6.2 and is in fantastic cosmetic condition. It comes with the original power supply and Toshiba trackball mouse that clips on the side of the laptop.

The Windows 3.1 installation is original factory and the hard drive has been checked with Scandisk to contain no bad sectors.

All of its plastics are in great condition and the laptop can be seen in my YouTube video below:


I can ship worldwide but this would be quite a heavy item (around 6kg all in) and am looking for around 100GBP for it or possibly swaps. I can accept payment by PayPal or bank transfer.

I am located in Gillingham in Kent, UK if anyone wants to collect it.

If anyone has any questions or wants any further information on the laptop don't hesitate to ask. I figured it would go to a better home if I put it on here rather than eBay or Gumtree.

Thanks for looking.

14th December 2016, 19:37
I still have this for sale