View Full Version : Closed A500+ 1.5Mb, GVP Impact A500 HD8+ Series II 8Mb, SCSI2SD 16Gb

3rd December 2016, 15:57
For sale; a fully working Amiga 500+ setup - great as a full set to get someone going. For Christmas maybe - you have everything you need to get started here....

512Kb chipram upgrade; 1.5mb Chipram
Rev 8 Motherboard, KS 2
Working, inc internal FDD which reads and writes.
Bunch of floppy disks.
Original mouse included.
2nd external FDD, also tested as working.

Good condition, no dings, scratches etc.

GVP Impact A500 HD8+ Series II

This has had a very interesting upgrade. The PSU socket has been removed, and a SCSI2SD card installed along with a 16Gb card. This is powered using a micro usb cable plus PUS, which are included. It has the full 8mb fastram in 4x simms, which appears in workbench.


This works absolutely great - boots up; and works just fine. I found that setting it up and booting from cold is best. I had 2x Gurus on warm resets - this is a SCSI2SD firmware thing I understand. I have not upgraded it.


Was 250, now only...

200 for everything. 20 courier within the UK. Offers are welcome, as are swapping suggestions! I am always on the look out for boxed Amiga accelerators, graphics cards etc from CBM, GVP etc. I don't really want to split this ideally.
PayPal is fine, you pay the fees, or you can pay as a 'friend/family'. Bank transfers are OK too. Now listed on an auction site.


1) The 1st person to declare and interest and make a offer for the full amount will be accepted.
2) I reserve the right to take a full offer ahead of someone making a partial offer. However, once the deal is done no further (higher) offers can be entertained. My word is my bond, once a deal is done, that's it.
3) Sales are generally final; however I take a common sense approach to all situations. If you are unhappy, let me know and I will do my best to help you. This includes partial or full refunds in a situation of significant misrepresentation.
4) As this may be for Christmas, I am happy to assume that this may not be tested until Christmas day - basically you are covered until Boxing Day; although I would need to know if this is going to be the case i.e. you are buying this for your other half and know nothing about Amigas/can't test.
5) This is old tech, and as such you need to make an adjustment of your expectations in terms of performance and reliability!

3rd December 2016, 18:07
The picture attachments seem to be invalid links...

3rd December 2016, 18:33
I have fixed said links, thanks for pointing that out.

3rd December 2016, 23:58
No worries.

Nice setup - if I only had the spare cash...

Good luck with the sale! :)

4th December 2016, 15:52
Thanks for that. As I said...I am open to offers/swaps...... ;)

5th December 2016, 18:09
This is going on the other Bay as well; FYI. I would rather avoid that place, so price reduced to 225 or nearest offer.. ;)

13th December 2016, 11:49

How much is shipping to Sweden?

13th December 2016, 22:31
27 insured.

14th December 2016, 19:06
I'm sorry but I have to withdraw interest.
It's a nice setup but as I only need the computer It's a bit bit too much for me.

15th January 2017, 16:01

13th March 2017, 17:00

10th December 2017, 14:57
Still have this and dropped price - great Xmas present for someone?

11th December 2017, 20:31
Sold, outside Amibay.