View Full Version : Sold IOMEGA ZIP100 Drive SCSI incl ZIPdisk

3rd December 2016, 16:14
I have for sale SCSI IOMEGA ZIP100 Drive including Fujifilm ZIP disk.
Great for Amiga with SCSI controller.
Works great (I did long format and full surface scan on PC to ensure).
Price 30 + shipping (Paypal or SEPA)

14th December 2017, 13:27
Interested pending questions. Sending PM

18th December 2017, 23:43
Also interested! Sent PM.

5th May 2018, 20:46
This really IS a practical thing! It works like a harddisk on my GVP controller, feels just as fast, too. With the DISKCHANGE command, I can switch disks, and thus have multiple 'harddisks'.
I am intrested in buying it.

6th June 2018
PS: I paid today for this and a bunch of cables.

7th June 2018, 15:58
Payment received from Dietikon82.

13th June 2018, 21:08
Hi Amigoun! I received the device and cables today, thank you! I leave feedback as soon as I could test it all, but it looks great.