View Full Version : Closed Oculus Rift DK2 Boxed.

9th December 2016, 21:51
Got my DK2 back from brother in law.

it will be many months (even a year) before I can afford the PC required to run this due to my top of the range laptop not being supported (well top of the range 3 yrs ago)

you've probably seen my thread trying to swap my laptop for a pc, so i gracefully give up..

I got it from here
http://www.amibay.com/showthread.php...evelopment-Kit (http://www.amibay.com/showthread.php?84489-Oculus-DK2-VR-Development-Kit)

looking for 225 + P&P (Free for UK)
Possibly willing to trade for an Expanded clean A1200 (not the 8mb ram expansions)

12th December 2016, 14:12
Pm interest and questions

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12th December 2016, 16:04
Pm replied.

I did get this working on an i3 with 6870 but the 6870 is not supported and the drivers are now legacy and too old. I got dinosaur demo. The cottage/house demo and the test scene with table & stacked playing cards working but with mixed results. Live for speed looked amazing when the screen wasnt messed up. I so wanted to try elite dangerous but refused to work too slow and not supported vga. Bah humbug.

13th December 2016, 20:47
decided to pass going to buy the CR1 version sorry for wasting your time

27th December 2016, 01:10

and on Hold as I'm playing with it now I have a graphics card that works with it :)